Physics Paper 1, 2 Trial STPM 2012 State of Pahang

Posted on: October 21st, 2012 by bankstpm

STPM Year End Trial Examination 2012 Pahang State. Physics Paper 1 and 2

PAPER 1      One hour and fourty-five minutes
There are fifty questions in this paper. For each question, four suggested answers are given.  Choose one correct answer and indicate it on the multiple-choice answer sheet provided. Read the instructions on the multiple-choice answer sheet very carefully. Answer all questions. Marks will not be deducted for wrong answers

PAPER 2      Two and a half hours
Instructions to candidates:
Answer all the questions in Section A in the spaces provided. All working must be shown. For calculations, relevant values of constants in the Data Booklet must be used. For numerical answers, units must be quoted wherever they are appropriate.
Answer any four questions from Section B. For this section, write your answers on the answer sheets provided. Begin each answer on a fresh sheet of paper, and arrange your answers in numerical order. Tie your answer sheets to this booklet. Answers may be written in either English or Malay.

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